Colon Cleansing For Protection Against Colon Cancer

This is a subject close to my heart as my father died from colon cancer thirteen years ago along with thousands of others each and every year. Because of this my whole family has become very aware how devastating this disease can be, and so have looked for ways of improving the health of the colon and colon cleansing is a great way of helping.

Colon cleansing works at ridding toxins from the colon. Whatever food we eat is eventually processed through the colon as faeces, and this needs to be excreted at least once a day. Problems can often arise when toxins are allowed to build up and is common when constipation is a regular occurrence and leads to a 'back up' of waste matter and toxins remaining in your colon. Unfortunately these toxins can form polyps that could lead to colon cancer.

Eating more fruit and vegetable fibre in your diet can really help with regular bowel movements, but colon cleansing can be particularly good when you want fast relief and has a good proven track of results. Colon cleansing not only aids in flushing excess toxins and waste out of your colon but helps reduce constipation and the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.

Not only this but colon cleansing helps by destroying parasites and bacteria that feed on your body. An extra benefit is weight loss, its amazing how much that clogged waste amounts up to and you lose that bloated feeling too.

Knowing the tell tale signs of problems relating to colon cancer is a must, the warning signs are:

1) Blood in the stools.
2) A change in bowel regularity and narrower stools.
3) Constipation and cramps and bloating.
4) Irritable bowel syndrome.
5) Lack of energy or constant fatigue.

If you become aware of any of these symptoms consult your doctor, nine times out of ten these are completely innocent but better not to leave it to chance. Colon cleansing is good way of ridding toxins and waste from your body but should not be used instead of a healthy lifestyle or diet, but used to compliment and together keep your colon healthy, with less stress from toxins.

An important fact on colon cleansing and bowel movements is that it differs with each individual. Those who have fewer bowel movements are at a higher risk of their digestive systems harboring materials that will allow pathogenic organisms to thrive and so colon cleansing is a very helpful tool to alleviate this.

Another important thing to keep your colon healthy is to drink plenty of fluids, essential for a healthy digestive system and ease of bowel movements. Take regular exercise daily, needs only to be a brisk walk as movement of any kind is good for the bowel and aids the passing of waste.

Increase your daily intake of fibre from fruit and vegetables. Try to cut out fatty foods and limit your amount of alcohol. If there has been any colon cancer in your family make sure you are on a program for regular checks with your doctor, we were told it is not genetic but that family clusters do occur.

I now have a colonoscopy every five years, and this was one of the things that highlighted colon cleansing to us, as obviously before the procedure the whole colon has to be cleansed. Colon cleansing along with a healthy lifestyle yields a healthy colon and healthy body alike.

Be sure to check for potential warning signs regarding your colon, and if you notice a change just write it down so you have a record for your doctor.

We have always been interested in health issues especially since having children, and as with most people, we all suffer with some type of ailment. We are always researching on more and more topics in the endless task of gaining more knowledge to increase our expertise, benefiting ourselves and other people alike. With the help of experts and ordinary people like you and me we stride to expose the secrets of our natural planet

Sandra & Ted


David said...

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Anonymous said...

Colorectal cancer, also called colon cancer or large bowel cancer, includes cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix. With 655,000 deaths worldwide per year, it is the third most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the Western world.[1] Many colorectal cancers are thought to arise from adenomatous polyps in the colon. These mushroom-like growths are usually benign, but some may develop into cancer over time. The majority of the time, the diagnosis of localized colon cancer is through colonoscopy. Therapy is usually through surgery, which in many cases is followed by chemotherapy.
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